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Magnetic coupled pump

Magnetic drive Sealless Pumps also Called Mag Drive Sealless Pumps are ideal for handling various chemicals including acids, alkalis, high purity chemicals and ultra-pure water. It is also used in Chemical Industries, Pharmaceuticals, Textiles, Food, and Electroplating Industries. Also used in Laboratory & Medical Equipment’s, X-Ray Film Plants, Photo Processing, PCB manufacturers, Liquid dispensing machine and fountains etc.

Stryker Pumps products have developed various models of pumps in Different Material like Polypropylene, SS 316, PVDF ( Polyvinylidene Fluoride ) and PTFE Material. Goal to offer better range selection for proper pumping of corrosive & toxic chemicals. These pumps are very special because they do not use any conventional standard seal type arrangements. Like in Ordinary Monoblock and Centrifugal Pumps. Which are facing leakage problems & constant maintenance required. Numatic PP and PVDF Magnetic Pumps are sealless pumps, therefore, offering 100 % leak-proof Guaranty. This Pumps required low maintenance and are easy to repair. Owing to simple pump design the power consumption is Low.

These Pumps are driven by a pair of magnets which are corporate in the impeller and motor shaft respectively. The sealless pump structure eliminates shaft seals such as conventional. Mechanical seals because the pump chamber is shielded by the casings and the impeller is operated by the magnets. The combined coupling torque of the drive magnet and impeller magnet gives sufficient driving power against the motor torque.

Technical specifications

Head                           : up to 100 meters.
Flow rate                     : up to 250 m3/h.
Drive capacity             : 0.18 kW up to 7.50 kW.
Materials                     : Hydraulic PP, PVDF / Seals EPDM, FPM, FFKM  /
Sliding bearing (rotary/static): HD-Carbon/Al2O3, SSiC/SSiC, HD-Carbon/SSiC.

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